References of Doraemon[]

Doraemon in Ninja Hattori[]

Doraemon appeared in other series like yours (usually by the morphology of the characters). In this case, the Nija Hattori series, used in one of its episodes, a reference Doraemon, which can be seen in the photo room Kenichi (in episode 10). The teacher went into his room to see what had then Kanzo Shinzo Shishimaru and hung from the ceiling so that the teacher did not see them. That was how the teacher approached the desk Kenichi, and noted that it was the picture of Doraemon with Kenichi.


Doraemon boy is the same as the teacher of Kenichi (in Ninja Hattori)[]

In Doraemon, appears occasionally a boy or eating noodles or studying. For that boy, it is the same as the one in Ninja Hattori Kenichi as professor.

Stephanie Dola as Doraemon in No Game No Life (The anime)[]

In one of the scenes No Game No Life, Stephanie appears complaining. Then, as comedy, it tends to resemble Doraemon complaining.