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Doraemon: Nobita and the Animal Planet is the 11th installment of the Doraemon featured films. It was released in Japan on March 10th, 1990 and in Vietnam in December 7th, 2012.


The story begins with Nobita finding a mysterious pink gas in his house. He entered it and arrived at a planet where no one but anthropomorphic talking animals lived. When he woke up, he told his dream to his friends, but they didn't believe him. When he went back to home, he saw a flower that he had taken from the animal planet.

The night, Nobita went to the bathroom and found the mysterious pink gas again. When he entered it, Nobita arrived at a forest. Without him thinking, Doraemon takes Nobita when that time has a strong wind. He says that his objective is to meet with the animals. They use the take-copter to fly. They finally discovered a little dog at a river with a raft that was blown by the wind. Nobita helped him to the city that he lives in. There were many animals waiting for the return of the little dog. Finally, the little dog meets with its father while that finally revealed that the name of that dog was Chippo. Nobita was invited for a tea party at Chippo's family house. Chippo asked about Nobita's house. He told him that he was from Tokyo, but Chippo didn't know about Japan. Soon after, Nobita and Doraemon had to go home. With their take-copters, they flew back to the pink gas.

But, they found something strange. It was a moon that was very big and much bigger than what was usually seen from Earth. They finally discovered that this was a different planet, and that it only can be accessed through the pink gas.

Key Characters


Character Japanese voice actor
Doraemon Nobuyo Ōyama
Nobita Nobi Noriko Ohrara
Shizuka Minamoto Michiko Nomura
Gian Kaneta Kimotsuki
Suneo Honekawa Kazuya Tatekabe
Chippo Mayumi Tanaka



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