Doraemon: Nobita in Dorabian Nights[1] (のび太のドラビアンナイト Doraemon: Nobita no Arabian naito?) is the 12th installment of the Doraemon feature films. It was premiered on March 9, 1991. 
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 [hide*1 Plot


With Doraemon's "Storybook Shoes" invention, he and Nobita, Gian, Suneo and Shizuka explore inside different storybooks. Later, Shizuka goes missing in a Arabian Nights story. Doraemon and Nobita decide to go into the storybook to find her, but their plan backfires when Nobita's mother burns all of the books. So Doraemon, Nobita, Gian and Suneo go back in time to the Arabian country to search for her.  Doraemon names himself Abdullah, Nobita names himself Ali, gian names himself Hasan, and Suneo names himself Kumasan.There they meet many people to help but no one at that time knows that Doraemon and The team came from future and how Shizuka is lost. Will they be able to overcome the dangers they will encounter?

[edit]Cast of Characters

  • Doraemon - Nobuyo Ōyama (大山のぶ代?)
  • Nobita Nobi - Noriko Ohara (小原乃梨子?)
  • Shizuka Minamoto - Michiko Nomura (野村道子?)
  • Suneo Honekawa - Kaneta Kimotsuki (肝付兼太?)
  • Gian takeshi - Kazuya Tatekabe (たてかべ和也?)
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