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'Wanna Give' Tie is a gadget of 22nd Century which is used by a person to become a donor who can donate anything to anyone.


It looks like a normal necktie which is red in color.



  • When tied around the neck like a necktie, it can make the user want to give anything and everything to others.
    • When it knows that others around the user want to get something, the tie drags the user to them, glows red in front of them and makes the user dance and chant "Wanna give! Wanna give! Wanna Give Tie!" while the tie keeps revolving around their neck.
  • It also changes the attitude of the user, changes their personality to splendid who's kind to everyone and is happy by helping others. It also makes the user's speech soft and smooth.


  • The person who wears it, is not able to control his actions.
  • The wielder's family's owned items can also be donated by the wielder.


  • In I 'Wanna Give' You My Everything, Nobita used this gadget thinking this gadget would make everyone give him their stuff but made Nobita give his stuff to everyone who needed help around him. He tied the knot of the tie in such a way that he was not able to take it out when he wanted to. He gave off manjuus which he bought to Gian and Suneo as they were hungry, gave his shoes to a little girl whose shoes were sunk in a lake, gave his handkerchief to a man who had a date, gave his clothes to a little boy whose clothes got wet and offered his specs to a girl whose specs broke. He was later followed by several people to his house where he offered all his belongings and properties to everyone. This tie was later cut by Doraemon.

Known Owner[]

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  • The user also makes good quotes while using it.
    • Nobita was seen saying "We are all equals when we're in troubles" to the people whom he helped.