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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
○○ Does ×× and △△
Release date 17 May 1979
Japanese title ○○が××と△△する
English title ○○ Does ×× and △△ (Who and Who Did What)
Episode number 40
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○○ Does ×× and △△ (Who and Who Did What) is an episode from the 1979 series.


Gian and Suneo see Nobita happily seeing Shizuka out of school, and he tells them Shizuka is coming over to his house to study. Jealous, they snatch her to go to their houses instead, which makes Nobita sad. He tells Doraemon about it, who gives him a notebook that could make anything happen. To demonstrate this, he writes down "Papa will bring home a box of dorayaki from a bakery store." To Nobita and Doraemon's delight, Nobisuke indeed brings home a box of dorayaki, which he bought from a bakery store his old friend had opened. Next, Nobita writes down "Shizuka-chan and I will be doing homework at our house". Shizuka calls Nobita to tell him that she had agreed to go to his house first, so she will be going over in a while.

Later, Nobita decides to make things interesting by making Doraemon and Tamako "dance" on the table, and get back at Gian and Suneo for snatching Shizuka earlier. While studying, Nobita fulfills Shizuka's desire of talking to her favourite idol, Go Hideki, who had dialed the wrong number. Nobita decides to use the notebook to have an intimate relationship with Shizuka, so as to earn a kiss from her. Incidentally, Shizuka's pen's ink bursts and it splatters on Nobita's face.


Gadgets Used[]


[Nobita finally gets Shizuka to come over to Nobita's house]
Nobita: Wai~ Shizuka-chan is finally coming over to our home! She had called over just now.
Doraemon: That's great!
Nobita: [picking up the Appointment Memo Pad] With this notebook, anything can happen!
Doraemon: Absolutely!
Nobita: Then, can this happen as well? [writes something on the notebook]
Doraemon: Wait a minute, you shouldn't fool around with this notebook. "Doraemon and Mama will be dancing on the table?!" That's ridiculous! I am not doing such a weird thing like this! No way! [takes away the notebook from Nobita]
Nobita: But I have already written it down on the notebook.
Doraemon: [walking out of the room] He always likes to fool around with others.
Nobita: [chasing after Doraemon] Hey, wait a second.
[Doraemon and Nobita walk down the staircase. Suddenly, Tamako screams out loud]
Nobita: I hear Mama screaming!
Doraemon: Let's check what happened to Mama-san!
[Doraemon and Nobita run to the living room. All of a sudden...]
Doraemon: [terrified] M... M...
Doraemon and Tamako: [hopping on the coffee table on the same beat, with two mice scuttling underneath] Mice...! Mice...! Mice...! Mice...! Mice...! Mice...!
[Nobita watches this scene with amusement. A moment later, an embarassed Doraemon is seen angrily walking away from Nobita]
Nobita: That's great! He's dancing.