22nd-Century Piggy Banks are a set of Doraemon's gadgets. They appeared in the episode, The Human Piggy Bank. While the Hypnosis Bank and Guard Dog Bank are robots, the Puzzle Bank is inanimate.


The Puzzle Bank is a labyrinthine building block puzzle. The blocks have to be removed in a specific order to get to the money; if the person attempting to open it misplaces even one block, the bank will become impossible to open any further. Each blocks is incredibly sturdy thus the only option to open it is to solve its puzzle.

The Hypnosis Bank, when confronted, will attempt to hypnotize the attacker to sleep should they make one step within its vicinity. It uses its hand to hypnotize its target by swinging the index finger in a circular motion.

The Guard Dog Bank is undoubtedly one of the hardest of the banks to defeat. Anyone who tries to retrieve cash from the bank will be attacked by this guard dog. Don't be fooled by its cutesy appearance; this one is brutal!

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  • Using a mirror can lead to the Hypnosis Bank hypnotizing itself.
  • Those who have been attacked (or are about to be attacked) by a Guard Dog Bank can always launch a counter-attack, using brute force to extract their money.
  • Nobita's wastefulness and sheer desperation leads to him beating all three banks.
  • A weakness shared by all these banks is Open Sesame seeds; another gadget that makes it easy to open these banks.
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