Doraemon 2295 endoftheworld

The world of 2295 visited by John Harbor

The 23rd Century will be a century that follows 22nd century, beginning on January 1, 2201 and ending on December 31, 2300. Many characters originated from this time; the timeline itself has yet to be visited by any characters (with the expection of Nobita Nobi in The Doraemons Special manga chapter Pot of Paradise.)

Little is known about 23rd century, but it is known to be even more scientifically advanced that its predecessor.


Johnharbor 2295

John Harbor traveling to the world of 2295

  • Around 2250 - Fiona Harbor passed away due to stress from researching about Earth Energy. Fiona's husband John took over her research and modified their Floating Ship Laboratory into a gigantic Time Machine to gather the Earth Energy and migrate lives to other planet.
  • 2295 (alternate timeline) - Collapse of humanity

The Birth of Characters

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