4-D Pocket

Doraemon's 4D Pocket

The 4D Pocket is Doraemon's and Dorami's default gadget. The inside of the pocket is 4D, functioning similarly like a small portal (in other terms, a 'wormhole) that allows any item to be inserted inside it without using much space. The inside of the 4D Pocket looks like a limitless, floorless room. The 4D pocket is literally the most used gadgets in the entire series. The Pocket cannot be broken, unless cut into pieces, which the items inside it may either be destroyed instantaneously or immediately spewed out. The pocket can be burned but the items will not have any effect. Both Doraemon and Dorami wear the 4D Pocket on their abdomen.


Doraemon and Dorami use their 4D pocket to store any item or relatively carriable by their strength. The 4D Pocket allows things to enter its small opening, because it may 'deform' them so they may fit (through the opening). For example, the Anywhere Door is virtually impossible to be inserted into it, but when Doraemon and Dorami put it or withdraw it, the Door seems to deform in shape for while, then revert to its original form.

Since the inside of the 4D Pocket is of another dimension (namely the 4th dimension), carrying the 4D Pocket around is like carrying an empty pocket, almost weightless.


  • While Doraemon's 4D Pocket is plain white, Dorami's has multiple crossed red stripes.
  • Doraemon's 4D Pocket has been used by Nobita Nobi sometimes, Shizuka Minamoto in a chapter and Takeshi Gouda in Gian is a Genius.
  • When Doraemon panics, he starts to take out random gadgets from his pocket.
  • Doraemons members generally use a variation of 4D Pocket (except Dorarinyo, Doraemon and El Matadora).
  • Almost all of the gadgets that Doraemon stores in the pocket are from the future Department Store.


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