Doraemon's 4D Pocket

The 4D Pocket (四次元ポケット) is a storage unit present on certain robots such as Doraemon and Dorami.


As its name implies, the 4D pocket acts as a portal that allows the user to access and deposit items in another dimension with little concern of space occupation or mass. It also has the ability to shrink or enlarge objects, such as they can be easily stored when needed while not impacting their abilities, as shrunken objects are restored to their normal sizes when they exit.

The Pocket is usually invincible, but can be shattered, causing stored items to be destroyed or spewed out, which the items inside it may either be destroyed instantaneously or immediately spewed out. Burning it has no effect on the items in storage.


  • While Doraemon's 4D Pocket is plain white, Dorami's has multiple crossed red stripes.
  • Doraemon's 4D Pocket has been used by Nobita Nobi sometimes, Shizuka Minamoto in a chapter and Takeshi Gouda in Gian is a Genius.
  • When Doraemon panics, he starts to take out random gadgets from his pocket, sometimes coming with unexpected results such as bombs.
  • Doraemons members generally use a variation of 4D Pocket (except Dorarinyo, Doraemon and El Matadora).
  • Almost all of the gadgets that Doraemon stores in the pocket are purchased from the future Department Store.


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