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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
A Hot Blood Support Microphone
Release date February 15, 2019
Japanese title 熱血応援マイク
English title A Hot Blood Support Microphone
Season number 15
Episode number 551a
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A Hot Blood Support Microphone is an episode of the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Nobita removes the eraser with Gian and Suneo in a vacant lot. Nobita, who lost to Gian, cries for Doraemon to put out an eraser that is not defeated at all, but he is told that "the eraser is not for fighting."

 In addition, Doraemon, who was disappointed by Nobita who hadn't done his homework yet, tried to get Nobita to do his homework, but said he didn't understand at all. So Doraemon takes out a secret tool called "Ouen Mike" from his pocket.

 Then, when he ordered Mike to "give Nobita-kun's homework," Mike's eyes glowed and he began to praise Nobita in every word. Then, Nobita, who was completely interested in it, finished his homework in a blink of an eye. With Mike's support, I was able to exert more power than usual.

 Nobita, who was impressed by the effect, headed to the open space with a cheering microphone in his hand, and once again fought with Gian to remove the eraser ...! ??



  • A Hot Blood Support Microphone