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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Transform with the Dracula Set!
2005 anime series
On That Day, Everything Turned Into Mice!
A Real 3D TV
Hon mono 3D Terebi
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date September 17, 2010
Season 6
Episode number 226a
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A Real 3D TV is an episode from 2005 anime series.


Suneo is showing off to Nobita and Gian that he has a 3D TV at home. As long as he wears 3D glasses, he can see three-dimensional images. There are three pairs of 3D glasses. However, after Suneo, Gian and Suneo’s cat Chiruchiru put them on, one pair of glasses is missing, so Nobita can not wear them. Unable to just stare from the sideline all the time, Nobita decides to go home and ask for it from his mother. Of course, my mother doesn't give it. At this time, Doraemon, who can't buy dorayaki, came back. Knowing what happened to Nobita, Doraemon takes out "Real 3D Glasses" to show Nobita. After wearing this gadget, not only will the ordinary flat-screen TV become three-dimensional, but it will also "really fly out", which is even better than Suneo's "three-dimensional picture". But once you touch the flying object yourself, the object will become real and the TV part will disappear. For example, Nobita sees a dog flying towards him (Nobita is watching the spirit dog Lucky) and touches Lucky. As a result, Lucky really appeara at Nobita's house. John, the dog owner on TV, is worried because he can not find the dog. Woolen cloth! When this happens, just puts on your glasses and throws the object back to the TV. This kind of good thing must be shared with Shizuka. However, there are frequent accidents in Shizuka's house. First, Doraemon can't stand the special Matcha Dorayaki on TV and snatches it away, causing tension in the TV station and shutting down the broadcast. Later, Shizuka sees the star Masaaki Fukuyama holding hands too excitedly and makes him He really changes into his home (later, the TV station can't find Masaki Fukuyama and stops broadcasting, so he can't go back). After giving him a ride, Doraemon decides not to wear it. Gian, Suneo and Chiruchiru are wondering why dorayaki and the stars disappears one after another. They walk to Doraemon and the others to find out what happened. The two of them steal three pairs of "Real 3D Glasses" and threaten them with "Dorayaki". These glasses really opened the eyes of Suneo and the others, but disaster happens when they accidentally switch to a fighting show: the two contestants attacked in the direction of Gian and Suneo respectively, because there is really a hit (equal to a collision). Touching) them, the two players appear at Suneo's house, and even fight directly at his house. The last two contestants return to the TV on their own, while Gian and Suneo are about to die. Gian suggests changing the program, but there is no good program that day. This is a good idea that Chiruchiru comes up with: a movie to show off to Nobita at the beginning. In addition to the stunning effect of the film, precious gem appear later in the film. Two people and a cat have a big argument about "who wants the gem?" and after a long "conclusion" (actually, the first to win) come out. When the two people and the cat pounce on the gem, the scene suddenly changes to a monster. The three men, who have no time to brake, encounter the monster and pull it out. Doraemon and the others, who are waiting for Gian to return his glasses, see Gian and the others being captured by a monster at the door of Suneo's house, and decide to "not interfere for the time being." Why did they ask them to steal the glasses in the first place? In the end, the monster ignores the wailings of Gian, Suneo and Chiruchiru, grabs them and hovers in the air, and makes the three of them "enough of 3D"!


Gadgets used[]


  • In Indonesian Dub, The scene where Suneo and Gian wore a Doraemon's 3D glasses and watching Wrestling is cut and skipped for unknown reasons (possibly violence scene).


Transform with the Dracula Set!
2005 anime series
On That Day, Everything Turned Into Mice!