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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
A Whale and Mystery of Pipe Island
Release date September 07, 2018
Japanese title クジラとまぼろしのパイプ島
English title A Whale and Mystery of Pipe Island
Season number 14
Episode number 535
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A Whale and Mystery of Pipe Island  is special episode celebrating Doraemon's birthday.


On the last day of summer vacation, Doraemon, who was struck by Nobita saying, "I want to go somewhere and do something interesting," takes out "Ozashiki Tsuribori" and "Handbari". Nobita's hand struck when the two of them were fishing, trying to decide to go fishing in the southern sea. However, it was a rugged rock for some reason.

 When I wrapped it in "Time Furoshiki" and set the time back, I found an ocarina with a mysterious design. When Nobita began to blow the ocarina, a big whale jumped out of the surface of the water. Doraemon uses "Small Light" to make whales smaller and takes out "Pet Food". When Nobita feeds on the food, the whale attaches to Nobita and begins swimming in the air.

 After that, it can be seen that Nobita's ocarina emits a special sound wave of 52 hertz. Suneo, who heard the story, said that a normal whale speaks in a voice of 15 to 20 hertz, so he cannot talk to other whales. Start talking. So, is the whale that responded to this ocarina the loneliest whale in the world ... and this ocarina was made 7,000 years ago ... Why was such a special ocarina made such a long time ago? Nobita and his friends head to the South Pacific, where Nobita caught an ocarina 7,000 years ago, on a "time machine."

 Then, there was an island with a well-developed civilization where humans live, which is not in the present age 7,000 years later! Nobita and his friends who landed on the island became acquainted with the boy Pito and the girl Nana who lived on the island, and learned that Pito was the owner of the ocarina that Nobita had. And the whale, called Gony, was Pito's dear friend.

 Why did Gony come 7,000 years later? Why is this island so developed and lost ...? As Doraemon approaches the mystery, the biggest crisis on the island is ...! ?? Nobita and his friends join forces with Pito to confront the crisis. Is it possible to overcome the crisis? ?? Nobita's great adventure begins on the southern island ...!


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