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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.

Abekonbe (アベコンベ Abekonbe) is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


Nobita being laze at his chair. When nobita erased, his book become dirtier. Nobita asked to Doraemon about that and he answer that he used Abekone. Eventually, Nobita used the gadget naughty. This make Tamako's laundry become wet and rained and Nobisuke's Cigarette became longer even Vaccum cleaner become dirtier as the trash spread insanely. Nobita also reversed the function of Shaver and Refrigerator make Nobisuke grew more of his beard even Tamako surprised that the refrigerator become hotter. Tamako and Nobisuke become anger to them making Nobita and Doraemon escaped hurriedly.

Doraemon take his gadget. Unfortunately, his gadget pressed the little's girl balloon making the balloon hit his head. Abekonbe lied to the ground making someone's car also effected and they lifted the car spontaneously.

Doraemon in dizzy effect took his gadget and pressed at his head accidentally making his head become turned oppositely and also became mad and insane. Doraemon simply walking while Nobita chase him. The Insane Doraemon turned a person hold his dog oppositely became a dog hold his human, the thief apologized to officer also effected became a officer arrested and beaten by the thief. Nobita caught instantly and Doraemon's turned normally.

When in the home, Nobita is forced to study by Tamako and Nobita is being laze again make Doraemon turned Nobita oppositely into smarter.


Gadgets used[]