Abekonbe (アベコンベ Abekonbe) is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Nobita is wandering and Doraemon is walking turn around holding his gadget, Abekonbe. Doraemon pressed Abenkonbe to Nobita's Eraser making his eraser become dirtier to erase. Nobita's Stationery makes his pencil become longer with Abekonbe's effect. Nobita use Abekonbe naughty. Nobita turned Tamako's laundry become wetter and rained, turned Nobisuke's shaver which makes Nobisuke's beard is extremely longer. Even, Vaccum Cleaner make his parent's room become more extremely dirtier even cleaned by sweeping. Nobita also turned refrigerator into hotter makes Tamako's Hand become hotter.

Nobita and Doraemon rushed out from his house and Doraemon's head is hit by the girl's balloon after he pushed Abekonbe into her ballon and fall down to hit his head. Forcing Nobita pulled Doraemon while Doraemon hold Abekonbe making the driver's car pressed by Abekonbe leaving they act strangely by lifted car and they become speaks car's engine. Doraemon in dizzied put Abekonbe on his head making his head rotated 180 degree and Doraemon became mad and extremely insane. Doraemon began run crazily and attacked most of people including a thief chasing police even turned Suneo's hair oppositely.


Gadgets used

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