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Absorption Paper



Torikomi pēpā
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 1979
Broadcast date September 19, 2003
Season 25
Episode number 1728
Adapted manga chapter
Theme Songs
Opening Doraemon's Song (Misato Watanabe)
Ending Tanpopo no Uta

Absorption Paper (()りこみペーパー, Torikomi pēpā) is an episode of the 1979 anime.


Nobita and Doraemon try to flee when the former learns that Gian is going to hold another concert, but are asked by Mom to dump the unwanted furniture at the recycling station. Dorami visits them and helps them out by using the Absorption Paper to make the moving easier, but when she freaks out at the sight of the cockroach, she accidentally pushes Doraemon and herself inside the paper.

Before Nobita could free Doraemon and Dorami, Gian finds Nobita and, learning about the paper, gets him to help publicize his concert, leaving them trapped inside the paper. In his concert outfit, he goes inside another Absorption Paper and gets Nobita to publicize around town, but every time Nobita leaves to find others to take a look at Gian’s poster he gets hurt.

Doraemon and Dorami are freed from the other paper by Shizuka, and they race to look for Nobita. Suneo finds Nobita putting up Gian’s poster at the open lot, but after he vandalizes on Gian, he belatedly realizes it is really him who is yelling inside the poster and runs away. When Gian sends Nobita to find others to look at his poster again, his mother sees the poster and crumples it, tossing it on stacks of unwanted books.

Nobita finds the poster missing and informs Doraemon and Dorami; they stop the junk man in time and find the poster. Now wrinkled as a result, Gian blames the trio and chases after Doraemon and Nobita, with Dorami contemplating if she shouldn’t have taken out the gadget in the first place.


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