Action Cards
アクションカルタ Akushonkaruta

Action karuta

Action karuta manga

Owner(s) Doraemon
User(s) Doraemon, Suneo, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian
Gadget-type Card game
Episode debut Three Times Speed Sticker (1979 anime)
The Long, Long, New Years (2005 anime)
Manga debut Chapter 426:The Long, Long New Years

The Action Cards is one of Doraemon's Gadgets.


The Action Cards set consist of the cards themselves, a transceiver and wireless earbuds packaged in a case that also serves as a launcher that scatters the cards around a specified area. Players will have to find the cards based on a given riddle from the transceiver. Whoever finds the most cards wins the game.

It is unknown whether all the cards returned to the case after Nobita leaves the game in The Long, Long, New Years. A total of twelve cards are found in the said episode.


a (あし)でのぼって おしリでおリる
Use your feet to climb, use your bottom to fall
Children playing on a slide Suneo
i イヌもあるけばくたびれる
A dog that gets tired of walking
Noro the dog Suneo
o (おお)きなひょうたん金魚(きんぎょ)ガおよぐ
A big gourd in which fish swim
Suneo’s gourd-shaped pond Nobita & Shizuka
shi しゃべるニワトリ
Two talking birds
The two parrots Mr. Yamada owns Nobita & Shizuka
ta ()んぼの(なか)(ちい)小さなお(みせ)
The store in the paddy fields
Tanaka’s Goods Nobita & Shizuka
to とおしてくれない(あか)(かお)
The red-faced person that won’t let you move
Signalized pedestrian crossing Nobita & Shizuka
ni にくまれっ子のシャツの(した)
Underneath the shirt of a hated person
Gian Nobita
ma 町一番(まちいちばん)のなまけ(もの)
The laziest person in town
Nobita taking a nap Nobita (manga and 2010 adaptation)
Gian (1982 adaptation)


  • In the 1982 adaptation, only the aforementioned first and the last three cards were shown; the “to” card was the second card that is found.


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