Nobita's Ancestors
1973 anime series
Hold Your Weakness
The Love Strategy on Cupid

Doraemon surprised

Kyūpitto de Suki Suki Sakusen
Broadcast by Nippon Television
Anime series 1973
Broadcast date April 15, 1973
Season 1
Episode number 3A
Overall episode number 5
Adapted manga chapter
Doraemon Ah, Love, Love, Love!
Theme Songs
Opening Doraemon (1973 Song)
Ending Doraemon Rumba

The Love Strategy on Cupid (キューピットですきすき作戦 Kyūpitto de Suki Suki Sakusen) is the fifth episode of the Doraemon 1973 anime.


Nobita's classmate, Shizuka, is everyone's adoration. Nobita is also in love with her and can't stop it. But Shizuka also loves everyone in her class.

On top of that, Shizuka-chan's house is invaded by Botako, a housemate from the countryside, so he can't get close to her.

In order to win her heart, Nobita borrows the Arrow of Cupid from Doraemon. However, the arrow accidentally hits the ugly Botako. Nobita starts being chased by Botako, who looks like a runaway locomotive.

Learning from his failure, Nobita tries to hit Shizuka with an arrow from a close range to make sure he hits her, but Shizuka shouts at him ''Murderer!" The teacher, Ganari, takes the arrow away from him.

But an arrow jumps out and hits Doraemon by accident. Doraemon proposes to him in a state of melancholy, and the teacher's hair stands on end. 

In the end, Nobita's plan ended in failure.


Gadgets used


Script fragment

Dora releases Heritonbo to Nobita
Nobita: I was saved!
Dora and Nobita were in the sky, and they saw Botako pursuing them
Botako: Kikisho! Nobita, I will not give up, my lord!
Dora and Nobita fly
Nobita: Such a terrible story already with Shizuka-chan, what will I do?
Nobita: Gya! Bo-Botako!
Dora: Hahaha Look at that beautiful bride coming hahaha!



  • Details unknown.



  • To date, this episode has not been found in any storage, but an announcement featuring a 6-second clip of the episode was found on Masami Jun's storage. An image from a newspaper article is the other material that survives from this episode.
  • As far as the story is concerned, it has noticeable changes from the original manga chapter:
    • Nobita's target is Shizuka instead of a girl he hasn't met.
    • The addition of two characters: Jamako and Debuko, who are young friends of Shizuka and Botako in this anime. Their role in the story is still unknown.
    • The teacher takes away the arrow from Nobita and is also the one who accidentally shoots Doraemon, instead of the hippo salaryman as in the original story.
  • The story serves as an introduction to Shizuka's character and Nobita's crush on her.
  • The episode marked Botako's debut, which, unlike the original story and subsequent remakes, remained as a regular character during the series.
  • This episode was originally the sixth. Later it became the fifth. There are still confusions in some sources that name it as the sixth.
  • An auction of the script of this episode can be found in Mandarake Auction. It contains two screenshots of it in the product preview .
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