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The Cupid Love Love Strategy (キューピットで好き好き作戦 Kyūpitto de Sukisuki Sakusen) is an episode from the Doraemon 1973 anime.


Everyone in the classroom loves classmate Shizuka. Nobita has a big crush on her, too. Also, Shizuka also likes everyone in the class. But, there's a problem, sponger Botako came from the countryside and Nobita now can't approach Shizuka. Being not close to her made Nobita sad. Doraemon took a Arrow of Cupid and with Nobita, went to Shizuka's home. Nobita saw her and tried to shoot her but, by mistake the arrow hits the clumsy Botako. Then, she begun to pursue him like a runaway locomotive. Nobita is discouraged by failure. He then tried to hit Shizuka from an approaching distance in order to hit an arrow, but she was yelling "murderer!". Sensei appeared and took away the arrow with him. There, he used the arrow accidentally, and it hit Doraemon. Eventually, Nobita's strategy ended in failure.


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Script fragment

Dora releases Heritonbo to Nobita
Nobita: I was saved!
Dora and Nobita were in the sky, and they saw Botako pursuing them
Botako: Kikisho! Nobita, I will not give up, my lord!
Dora and Nobita fly
Nobita: Such a terrible story already with Shizuka-chan, what will I do?
Nobita: Gya! Bo-Botako!
Dora: Hahaha Look at that beautiful bride coming hahaha!


  • This episode was originally the sixth. It was later changed to the fifth.
  • There were two additional characters: Jamako and Debuko, friends of Shizuka and Botako in this anime.
  • An auction of the script of this episode can be found in Mandarake Auction. It contains in the product preview two screenshots of it.
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