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541a Title


Ai bō
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date November 9, 2018
Season 14
Episode number 541a
Overall episode number 962
Adapted manga chapter
Theme Songs
Written by Yosuke Suzuki
Screenplay by Daishi Suzuki
Directed by Yusaku Sotome
Aibou (Japanese: あい(ぼう) Ai bō) is an episode of 2005 anime sries. It first aired in TV Asahi on November 9, 2018. This episode is a crossover episode with the hit television series, Aibou.


After they watch the drama series Aibou, Nobita is thinking of having a partner. Doraemon takes out Aibou that partners Nobita with another person in doing a task. When Nobita’s mother goes up to his room looking for him, he asks Doraemon to help him escape. Next, he drops by Shizuka’s house to bake a cake with her, but after an unsuccessful try, the cake comes out as salty instead of sweet. Nobita then sees Suneo with a new issue of Spy Dandy and requests to read along with him, but when Gian takes the manga away, they decide to collaborate to get it back.


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