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The Air Pistol is a misnomer name for both the Air Pistol and the Medicine Air Pistol. Both of these are artillery gadgets. Their function is rather similar to the Air Cannon, but less effective.


The Air Pistol is equipped on a person's finger. When they point out their finger towards an object or person, they can shoot by shouting "Bang!". The Air Pistol has lesser recoil, but also has shorter range and power when compared to the larger Air Cannon. The Air Pistol has a range of around 10 meters (about 35 feet).

While the Medicine Air Pistol is rather similar to it, the Medicine Air Pistol looks like a big bullet. It stores a type of liquid that can be used as artillery when applied on one's finger. When a non-living thing is hit, they'll simply be pushed or blown away, but some objects may break, like a branch, leaf, or fruit. However, when living things like humans, animals and robots (that may sleep) are hit by the bullets, they fall asleep (anesthesia) or fall down. The Air Bullets function like paralysis darts.

Appearances in Games[]

Nobita and the Green Giant Legend DS[]


Air Pistol Medicine in DS game.

The Air Pistol (Shaped like a bullet) is used in the Challenge game "けんじゅうおう コンテスト"(Kenju Contest). The player controls Nobita, and may have up to 10 bullets at a time. To shoot, a player must shout into the microphone (the game prompts a shout of "Bang!", but any word is fine). The bullets can be blocked if they hit each other. When a character of the player is hit, they'll fall asleep, unable to wake up until the next game. NPC characters have unlimited bullets.

When replayed in the Main Menu, the Kenju Contest is only played versus other players in Wireless Communication.

The Air Pistol is listed under number 18 out of 61 gadgets in the game.


  • The Air Pistol is generally equipped on a person's finger, but characters without actual fingers, such as Doraemon and Dorami, have also been seen using them.
  • In the 1979 anime, Air Pistol is a cream that is used on a person's hands and do the same with new de-sign when first seen.
  • It has the same basic function as the Air Cannon, both of them shoot destructive blasts of air when a person shouts 'Bang!'.
  • An Air Pistol that functions as a TV remote has been made by Epoch.