The All Seasons Badge (a.k.a. Four Seasons Badge) is a gadget owned by Doraemon.


There is one dial and four different seasons. Those seasons are: Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring.

It is used to change the season to another season of a specific place with the radius of 100 meters.

How To Use

Just spin the dial to whichever season you want to have and this gadget will activate that season in your environment.

This gadget is not meant to be played with since if we change the weather too much it can cause serious trouble. If more badges were set, it can cause serious weather troubles too.

Appears in


Nobita's New Great Adventure into the Underworld – The Seven Magic Users Doraemon To change the season to summer to melt the ice he and his friends were stuck.



  • The gadget is so dangerous that it may lead to climate change in a specific place.
  • In the DIsney XD dub, this gadget is called the Season Selector in, "Snowkid on the Block".
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