Animal Hunters are the main antagonist in Doraemon: Nobita and the Kingdom of Clouds. They are the animal hunters who hunts animals in savannah of Africa. They were brought to the cloud federal for the last judgement for Noah's plan.


While the four animal hunters are hunting elephants for tusks, they and elephants are mystically sucked into the cloud as well as the animals and plants in one spot in the Amazon Rainforest due to the life saving experiment in the Noah's plan.

After they are brought into the clouds, they notice that the cloud citizens are planning the Noah's plan. After conference of the last judgement for Noah's plan, they hijack one of the police's ship and get shot by the police and falling into the Nobita's kingdom. Nobita get rid of the police and the four hunters tell about Noah's plan to Nobita and Doraemon, so Doraemon reveals the Cloud Restoring Gas to threaten cloud cops. That night they are consulting themselves to use Doraemon's gas.

The next day Doraemon are threatening cloud cops that if they don't stop the Noah's plan he will shoot down the clouds. Unfortunately the hunters steal crown from Nobita and imprison both. Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo notice about Nobita and Doraemon about destroying the clouds so they are going to the Cloud Kingdom, but they are also imprisoned along with Nobita and Doraemon. Then, the hunters destroy the energy state, so Doraemon takes his responsibility to destroy his clouds. The kingdom has been destroyed but they are saved by the cloud cops.

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