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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Anytime Anywhere Sketch Set 
Japanese title いつでもどこでもスケッチセット
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Anytime Anywhere Sketch Set  is an episode from Doraemon 1979 anime and Doraemon 2005 anime based on a Manga Chapter with the same name.


Nobita's homework is sketching, and he feels very troublesome, so he wants to ask Doraemon for something that can easily draw. Doraemon says no, so Nobita goes out to find materials to draw by himself. When he sees a dog, he wants to talk and move It is too difficult to draw, and when he sees another construction site, he feels that the scenery is too chaotic. At this time, he meets Uncle Nobi Noburo, who is coming to Nobita’s house. When he sees the construction site, he sighs that there has been renovation nearby. After that, Nobita wants to say that painting Shizuka is done, so he goes to the park and finds that Dekisugi, Gian, Suneo also want to paint Shizuka, so the two of them paint together. The Shizuka painted by Gian looks like Jaiko. It is a mess, and I doesn't dare to show Shizuka that he will go back and fix it, so he leaves first. When they get home, Nobita's father and uncle are making a map of the local childhood, but the two have different memories, so they quarrels, so Doraemon has to take out "Anytime Anywhere Sketch Set" and draw a sketch at that time, lets them after reading it, he finds that both of them remembers it wrongly, so the two reconcile and are able to continue making map. Nobita see the gadget and wants to say that it is not the gadget for easy painting, so he goes to the room and operates it himself. First, he happens to draw the scene of a group of people in "Nobita and the Birth of Japan", and feels nostalgic. Later, he starts to draw Shizuka's sketches, but because Nobita is lustful, he deliberately adjusts to Shizuka's bath time to draw a lot of bathing sketches and adjusts the coordinates to his home by mistake and finds that his mother is stealing snacks. Finally, he decides to draw seriously, and draws a side view of Shizuka, and goes to the park to find Shizuka to look for her to see the painting. Dekisugi and Shiuzka praise, but the two find that there are other pictures behind the sketchbook, and Nobita hurriedly says that he can’t see it…. At this time, Doraemon goes upstairs and finds that Nobita has messed with the machine, so he uses a spare sketchbook to find Nobita's place, and the result is a sketch of Nobita being beaten at the park.





  • In the manga and 1979 anime the sketches contains a picture of Shizuka washing herself with a soap. This is changed to a picture of Shizuka soaking in the bath in the 2005 anime due to tighter censorship.