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Appointment Memo Pad

The Appointment Memo Pad is one of Doraemon's gadgets.


Write something on the notepad and it will happen.


Who and Who Did What
Doraemon Papa will bring home a box of dorayaki from a bakery store. Nobisuke happens to be nearby at work, and stops by to give Nobita and Doraemon a box of dorayaki. It turns out that his old friend had opened a bakery store and he bought the box from that store.
Nobita Shizuka-chan and Nobita will be doing homework at Nobita's house. Shizuka calls Nobita to inform him she will be going over as promised, since he asked her first.
Nobita Doraemon and Mama will be dancing on the table. Tamako is heard shrieking in the living room, and Nobita and Doraemon go over to check. To Doraemon's horror, two mice are scuttling underneath the coffee table and Doraemon and Tamako hop on the table in the same beat.
Nobita Gian and Suneo will be pulling faces at Sensei. A gust of sand went into Gian and Suneo's eyes and they run to the automatic glass doors of the shop to remove it. Sensei appears from behind the doors right in front of them, and reprimands them for pulling faces at him.
(on Shizuka's request)
Shizuka-chan will be chatting with Hiromi Gou over the telephone at Nobita-kun's house. Shizuka receives a call from Hiromi Gou, her favourite singer, and chats with him for a few seconds. It is later revealed that he had dialed the wrong number.
Nobita Shizuka-chan and Nobita will do something intimate. Nobita had intended for Shizuka to kiss him. However, Shizuka's pen's ink bursts and it splatters on Nobita's face.