Asobo is a robot dog owned by Suneo. He only appears in Nobita and the Robot Kingdom.


Asobo is the latest pet robot dog and has the ability to listen to every command to anybody except Nobita, which Suneo didn't program to respond to his voice (manga version only) and made Nobita jealous of Suneo. Later, one of the robots that Nobita accidentally delivered put an anti-rabies injection to Asobo despite being a robot. This caused him to have defects such as sounding like a cat and becoming very hostile in the manga but in the movie, Gian punches Asobo in the head causing it to become hostile to Gian and chase at him only to be saved by Poko.


  • Asobo doesn't appear after the movie. 
  • His name might come from the kanji 遊ぼう, meaning Let's Play.
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