The Banana Leaf Fan or Basho Sen (バショー扇, Bashō Sen) is a gadget that resembles a large, plastic toy-banana leaf. It is capable of creating strong winds with just a swing.


The Basho Sen can create a strong wind depending on how the user swing it. If they swing it gently, they may create a pleasant yet fairly strong breeze. If they swing it violently, a strong gust of wind instead will be conjured. It is possible to create a whirlwind or small tornado, but requiring precise and specific technique.

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Appearance in Games

Nobita and the Green Giant Legend DS

The Basho Sen is one of Doraemon's Action Gadget, and his fourth one. It is obtained when the party arriives at the Rire of Guidance(ミチビキのリーレ). Simply pressing Y once will make Doraemon swing it quickly, capable to blowing away normal enemies with ease. Pressing Y and charging it to the fullest allows Doraemon to swing and creates a strong gust that will blow away any enemies(except bosses) in the gust. Unlike in the series and movies, the Basho Sen in this game cannot create gusts that would reach the whole screen.

The Basho Sen is listed under number 42 out of 61 gadgets in the game.



Basho-Sen, featured on the cover of volume-38 Doraemon manga.

  • In the manga publications and anime dubbing by Tora Aman (Malaysian manga publication company), the Basho Sen was known as:
    • "Kipas Angin Dewa" (literally 'Godly Fan' or 'God's Fan' or 'Godly Wind Fan').
    • "Kipas Dewa Angin" (literally 'Wind God's Fan' or 'Kazegami's Fan').
    • Due to translation problems, Basho Sen's name has been changed almost in every editions.
  • The gadget may based on the Banana Leaf Fan that belongs to Princess Iron Fan from Journey to the West.

Name Origin

  • Bashō Sen may combination of Bashō (芭蕉) meaning Banana and Ōgi (扇) or Sen from Senpūki (扇風機) meaning Fan.
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