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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Battle! Cat-Model Robots VS Dog-Model Robots (決戦!ネコ型ロボットVSイヌ型ロボット Kessen! Neko-gata robotto VS inu-gata robotto) is a birthday special of Doraemon.


It's the birthday of the cat-shaped robots, and Dorami and Sewashi are searching a present for Doraemon in the 22nd century. But during a chain of gas attacks on the cat robots under a scheme to replace them with dog robots, Dorami is wrongfully taken away, so Sewashi goes to the dog robot factory to protest against the decision. Back in the 21st century, Nobita gets a new robot companion, Wonderful, who watches over him as he does his homework. A group of breakaway cat robots led by Pawaemon take Doraemon into hiding, but when the latter accidentally causes the others to get sent to scrap, he is left on his own as Nobita goes back to the future to save Doraemon and all the cat robots.


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  • This is the only episode where the war bewteen the robot cats and robot dogs are begin until the end of the episode.
  • This episode broke the 4th wall:
    • Micro-robot acting like narrator.
    • "Nobita's Birthday Adventure" episode were aired 1 month before this, it might the plot is connected along with DG and RMS. The countdown is related with this episode, however.
    • 3 episodes aired in Summer were mentioned, with missing things not added. After this episode Nobita uses a paper, drawing this episode to the diary, broking the fourth wall.