Big Collection of Look-alike Pet
Doraemon Episode 752
Release date January 22, 2016
Japanese title そっくりペット大集合
English title The Look-Alike Pet Large Set
Season number 12
Episode number 752
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Big Collection of Look-Alike Pet is an episode from the 2005 series.


Nobita and Shizuka are viewing some pictures of some legendary creatures such as centaurus, mermaids, unicorns that not actually exist. When Nobita come home. Nobita is surprised in the future department store's flyer that Doraemon was looking. The face is human and the body is animal. According to Doraemon, this tool is called Look-Alike Pet Food that makes the animals looks exactly like the person if the animals eat this. Nobita has an interest in this tool so he ordered the pet food and went to Shizuka's house to feed it to her canary bird. After that, the canary bird gets Shizuka's look and flies away.


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