Big Light, known as the Magnify Ray in the English dub, is a gadget of Doraemon's. It is a flashlight which is capable of increasing size of anything, therefore is used to turn objects or someone into large. It is used in many episodes.


Magnify ray use

Doraemon uses the Magnify Ray in The Nobi Family's Giant Tunafish.

Its function is opposite to the Small Light which has the usage of shrinking things. Big Light, on the other hand, enlarges things. Similar to its counter part, once enough time has passed the user will return to their original height per the use of the gadget.

Appears in


  • In early manga, it has the same design with the Small Light.
  • The original height the user returns to appear to exclude the alteration made by the original gadget, as Nobita was able to return to his original height prior to the use of Devil Card.


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