Big Pinch, Shizuka-chan!
Release date 1st March 2002
Japanese title しずかちゃん、大ピンチ!
English title Big Pinch, Shizuka-chan!
Episode number 1656
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Big Pinch, Shizuka-chan! is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


Shizuka accidentally eats a candy which was actually a prize for a trip to Switzerland, and she asks Doraemon and Nobita for help. They take out a submarine gadget and get into her stomach to take the candy out.


Gadget used


  • This is a remake of Even Though It's Inside the Stomach Acid with some major differences.
    • Shizuka swallows a opal that her mother owned in the original, whereas in this version she swallows a candy that was a prize for a trip to Switzerland.
      • Unfortunately, the opal is part of Shizuka/Sue's mom's $500,000 wedding ring, only in the North America English dub.
    • Gian and Suneo do not show up in Nobita's house in the original version.
    • When Shizuka gets mad at Nobita and Doraemon for playing a prank at the end of the episode in the original, she ends up throwing various items at them including an eraser which Nobita swallows, and she apologizes for it. In this version, Nobita does not swallow an eraser and Shizuka storms out of his house in anger.

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