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Bird Caps (バードキャップ) is a set of Doraemon's gadget.


The Pigeon Cap is the Pigeon-like cap. Used to fly like a pigeon.

The Chicken Cap is the Chicken-like cap. This cap can't be used for flying.

The Sparrow Cap is the Sparrow-like cap. Used to fly like a sparrow.

The Swan Cap is the Swan-like cap. Used to fly like a swan. Sometimes the user that uses this cap will migrate with other swans.

The Owl Cap is the Owl-like cap. Used to fly like an owl. Owls are nocturnal birds so they can only fly at night. Same with this cap that can only be used at night time.

The Woodpecker Cap is the Woodpecker-like cap. The user will always bang his head in the tree, like a woodpecker while pecking the tree.

The Kingfisher Cap is the Kingfisher-like cap. Used to fly like a Kingfisher. Sometimes when the user sees the river, he will immediately jump into the river.

The Parrot Cap is the Parrot-like cap. The user will mimic the spoken language.

The Eagle Cap is the Eagle-like cap. Used to fly like an eagle.

The Albatross Cap is the Albatross-like cap. Used to fly like an Albatross.

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  • In the movie, this cap will make the user have wings, but in the anime this cap can be used without the wings.