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Blind Spot Stars (モーテン星 Mōten Hoshi) is a gadget that can make a wearer be in everyone else's blind spot, making them physiologically invisible to the eye.

It appears to be a set of stickers that looks like orange stars with a white round with a particular green dot at the center.


By wearing this gadget, the user becomes 'invisible' through the physiological effect of other people's blind spot. Technically, the wearer enters the looker's blind spot thus becomes 'invisible in their line of sight. This gadget works by distorting the light that falls and reflected from the wearer to pass by the looker's focal points, making them virtually persists in the blind spot area. This gadget's effect will be expired after an hour. Despite the user not being visible others, it's possible to track down their location through other sense such as smell.

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