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Bomb of Mass Destruction is one of Doraemon's gadgets.


As it was never used, next to nothing is known about this weapon.

Doraemon has implied this as a weapon of mass destruction capable of devastating a large area with a powerful, gargantuan blast. It also has a contact fuse that activates upon physical damage.




  • One iteration of this item resembles Little Boy, codename of an American nuclear weapon that destroyed Hiroshima, a Japanese city, in 1945.
    • This is further supported by the fact that in some iterations, atomic insignias are present on the body.
    • However, the name of this weapon quite literally translates to "Earth Obliteration Bomb", whereas in reality most nuclear weapons are not capable of such in a single shot, though they can do serious damage to Earth's biosphere.
  • This item has an updated style in the 2019 remake of, "It's the Year of the Mouse! Doraemon".
  • It is unknown how Doraemon procured this item without attracting the attention of authorities, considering its potentially destructive properties. On a further note, there is a lack of context behind this gadget's creation.