Catching My Shadow (自分のかげをつかまえろ Jibun no Kage o Tsukamaero) is an episode from the Doraemon 1973 anime.


During summer vacation, under the scorching sun, Nobita is sent to cut the grass. Doraemon cuts a shadow with a Shadow Cutting Scissors and makes weakness in Nobita's shadow. Nobita went out with Gian and Suneo, but the shadow eventually abandoned the work and escaped. Doraemon asked Nobita to search for the shadow and he couldn't find it. Doraemon said that the shadow would change roles with him when the time ceased. Nobita's shadow's in the town sunburn contest. It was the winner. Finally they returned the shadow to the normality, but the contest's victory was canceled.


Gadgets used


  • To the date, there is no footage of this episode online.
  • According to an Interim Report, the original name of the episode was The Dullness is Frustating.
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