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Botako is a mean and snobbish girl who appears in the episode Ah, Love, Love, Love! Though she appeared in the three anime series, her major role was in the 1973 anime.


Botako is a mean and snobbish girl that appears in Ah, Love, Love, Love! in its three versions. In all of them she appears depicted as a chubby girl with a yellow shirt, red skirt and white socks. In the 1979 and 2005 versions she lodges an unnamed friend that comes from America for some weeks, the girl Nobita falls in love with.

She was a regular character in the 1973 anime and had more appearances then. She lived in Shizuka's house as her housekeeper. She had two additional friends: Jamako and Debuko. Botako was voiced by Masako Nozawa, but after her debut as Doraemon, her role as Botako was replaced by an unknown seiyū.



1973 anime

1979 anime

2005 anime


  • Botako bears a massive resemblance to Jaiko, which might explain why these two were often confused for each other.


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