Goodbye, Hana-chan
2005 anime series
My Birthday's The Same As Always
But, I Saw A Ghost!


Shikashi yūrei wa deta!
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date August 1, 2008
Season 4
Episode number 136
Adapted manga chapter
Doraemon A Ghost Appeared!
Theme Songs

But, I Saw A Ghost! is an episode from the 2005 series. This episode is called I Saw A Ghost! in the U.S. English version/dub.


Gian's uncle has invited his nephew and friends to stay over at his village house for a night, but when they get there they discover Gian's uncle won't be home for the night and so they make preparations to stay one night by themselves. Gian and Suneo invite Nobita too, but they have other ideas, and have came armed with scary ghost stories and ghost tricks to scare Nobita out of his wits at night.

Nobita later finds out that he has been pranked by the both of them and decides to exact revenge. He uses the Transformation Robot, turns it into a ghost and commands him to scare everyone, but forgets about it himself. Later, Nobita asks for the ghost's help to pull up a show in chasing the latter away. The ghost in turn summons another ghost and Nobita successfully chases him away, when in fact - the ghost did nothing but wait for Nobita's cue to appear - it is a real ghost.


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  • This is one of the times, if not the first, to have Nobita be invited by Suneo or Gian.


Goodbye, Hana-chan
2005 anime series
My Birthday's The Same As Always
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