Cannibal House

569b Title

569b (2)

Release date August 9, 2019
Japanese title 人食いハウス
English title Cannibal House
Season number 15
Episode number 569b
Adapted manga chapter Cannibal House
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Cannibal House is an episode of Doraemon 2005 anime.


Nobita wanted to take a nap without being disturbed by anyone, Nobita asked for a key in his room, but his mother did not allow it. After returning to the room, Nobita found something like an artificial house. Nobita who thinks that Doraemon has given it. Nobita then headed to an empty place to make the house. Nobita ran away after being asked by Gian and Suneo when they met on the street and asked what Nobita brought. And as soon as Nobita tried to assemble the house on the vacant land, Nobita was surprised because it expanded and finally finished! Nobita immediately decided to enter the house, but he wanted to show it to Shizuka, Nobita decided to go to Shizuka's house. After Nobita left, Gian and Suneo walked to the field where the house had been installed. First, Gian entered the house, but then the door was closed, and he did not know the inside. After a while, the door opened again, and Suneo entered and was sucked in by the house!?


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