Captain Silver, real name John Harbor, is a major antagonist of Doraemon: Nobita's Treasure Island. He is voiced by Yo Oizumi. He is Flock and Sarah's father. Motivated by his wife's dying wish, he sought to save humanity from its inevitable destruction, willing to sacrifice anything necessary to make this goal come true.


While Fiona was still alive, John was a youthful man with blue hair and aqua eyes.


In the past, John worked alongside with his wife Fiona to research for a substitute energy in place of oil and nuclear energy. The pair spent their time happily together with their children, Flock and Sarah. However, John was left heartbroken when Fiona collapsed due to the fatigue and stress from working on the research. Before she passed away, Fiona asked him to take care of their children and to protect their happiness and future in place of her.

Misinterpreting his wife's wish, John threw himself into the research, having little to no time for Flock and Sarah, saving only Quiz as his last present for them. He used a Time Machine to travel to the world of 2295, only to find it devoid of life and with the ruins of the civilization remained. Maddened by this realization, John concocted a plan of travel through the time to gather the world's energy and journey to the faraway planet in hope for survival and salvation. He adopted the alias Captain Silver and gathered many followers while also converted his wife's ship for such purpose, alienated himself from his children in the process.

After five years of traveling, John finally discovered the perfect source of the world's energy: the undersea volcanoes in the rift of 20th century Atlantic Ocean, which will allow his ship to finally travel into the space and search for a new planet, with the possible destruction of the era as a cost. 


Why.. Why did you have to go that far to oppose me..?
— John Harbor, asking Nobita


  • He shares his name with Long John Silver from Treasure Island novel.
  • His role is also very similar to Leland Hawkins from Treasure Planet, Disney's animated film based on Treasure Island, both serving as the arch-nemesis fathers to the film's protagonists, though Leland's role is limited to Jim's backstory unlike Silver.

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