Characters who have died (whether it be from age, an illness, injury, or unknown cause) go here. This also applies to robotic characters, characters that were dead in a specific instance of the franchise (For example, Gian's mom being dead in the 1973 show, but tag them with the subcategory "Deceased In Another Version") and characters who died in non-canon episodes/movies/games/comics/etc. Please do not add that one kid who only appears in the first and last episode of every series. Also, don't add characters who existed in one future but don't in another (Like Nobita and Jaiko's children.). Finally, please don't make a page called "All Characters that were in the 1973 anime" and add it here. And don't add "The heartstrings of everyone who watched Stand By Me" here either. Any real people who have worked on the franchise in one way or another belong to "Deceased (Real Life)" category.

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