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All the Way From a Future World (未来の国からはるばると Mirai no Kuni Kara Harubaruto), also known as All the Way From the Future in the English Amazon Kindle and Shogakukan Asia manga, is the first chapter of the Doraemon manga and the first chapter of the Doraemon franchise. Most main characters make their first appearance here.


A 10-year-old boy named Nobita Nobi hears the mysterious voice that he will hang himself in the next 30 minutes and is burned alive in the next 40 mintes. He asks who speaking apear, but nobody; suddenly the dower at his desk is opened. He is shocked when a blue robot cat hops out of his desk and eats the rice cake before leaving. After a short while a boy named Sewashi Nobi also comes. They explain that they are from the future and have come to save Nobita from a horrible fate. Sewashi tells him about future and will marry Jaiko in 15 years later. Nobita refuses about this and chase both back. Nobita's mother and father consolate him about the bad dream. (Knowing his fate) After that Shizuka and Jaiko are playing battledore and shuttlecock is stuck on the Nobita's house roof. Shizuka asks him to get the shuttlecock. Nobita slips on the roof and hanging himself. Shizuka asks him to play battledore and Nobita gets full of ink in one try by Jaiko. He gets mad and insults her. Gian also appears for a short while. Nobita is going to the bathroom to clean his face, but slip with the soap and falling into the bathtub. Finally he is burning himself because of staying next to the heater. Then he views the album about his future. In 1979, Nobita failes the university entrance exam. In 1988, founding his own company. In 1993, his company is on fire, and in 1995, the creditors ask his loan after his company is bankrupt. This is the reason why Sewashi's family is very poor and Doraemon needs to come there to change Nobita's fate. The eding of the chapter Sewashi wants to see 20th century town so Doraemon takes the Take-copter to fly. They end up flying properly, except for Nobita, who has it on his pants. He then ends up falling down and hurting himself and his pants are then flying off and he runs off with only his shirt, underwear, and socks on.

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  • All the main characters are introduced in this chapter, except Suneo Honekawa.
  • This chapter marks one and only time of the appearance of Nobita and Jaiko's children, as they have ceased to exist from the next chapter onward.
  • The last page of the story shows Sewashi and Doraemon wearing the Take-copter on their backs. This style of flight is not seen in later stories. The title page (added after first publication of the story) shows the same scene with Take-copters worn on the head.
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