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Prophecy of Doraemon (ドラえもんの大予言 Doraemon no Daiyogen) is the 2nd chapter of Doraemon Manga.


Starting with Nobita back home after school and going to Shizuka's. Then Doraemon used the 21st century Magic Hand to captuer him and said not to go outside because Nobita would get badly injured according to the photos in the future album.

After that there was a call from Shizuka to ask Nobita to play at her house. Doraemon answered to go, then Nobita talked to his mom that it would be his last day for him just going to Shizuka's, then his mom laughed.

Firstly Doraemon used Time TV to watch the future and had seen that Nobita would be crashed by the truck in the next 10 seconds so both of them used another way. Nobita, however, broke the child's toy car and papa of that child punched him. After that Doraemon continued projecting Time TV and having lots of dangers, so he got a new idea by making others' house as the shortcut and safe route, yet the large backyard was for the driving praticing! Another backyard is quite small and the house owner had seen them. Unfortunately this house was often crashed by trucks.

Doraemon also got another idea was to climbing the roof; nevertheless the billboard crash him and Sewashi appeared to provide the idea of using Take Copter, so both can reach Shizuka's safely. However, Shizuka was bored so she asked some neighboring kids to come over to play and Nobita got little injured after his head gets hited by a toy car.


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