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Transforming Biscuits is the 3th chapter of the Doraemon manga.


Nobita was asked by his mom to buy some sweets for the guest. He was lazy and asked Doraemon to buy for him, but he wasn't here. Nobita noticed the box of biscuit, ate the cat one, and served guest with some of them. Mom wonder why Nobita bought cookies and ask him to buy something better. While he choosing sweets he cried like a cat and transformed. While walking, he looked at the mirror and shocked that that was his face and running away. Doraemon saw him and surprised for eating the biscuit. Doraemon said that that was a Dobutsu Henshin Biscuit (Animal Transformation Biscuit) and why not asking him about that. After that the effect of the biscuit wore off by five minutes.

Going home and counting how many biscuit guest had eaten, Nobita noticed that he ate four of them and Doraemon asked the guest what was wrong and got ridden by their mom. While talking, the guest cried like a horse and Nobita asked him to go to toilet until the effect wore off, after baking to normal, mom served sweets bought by Nobita and suddenly the guest cried like a rooster, Nobita asked the guest for the toilet again but mom yelled out so Doraemon dialed the public phone to house and said something nonsense to the guest and making him angry. He went back into the living room before the effect wore off but already off when stepping into the room. After that the guest cried like a monkey and Nobita and Doraemon was stepping on the table to avoid mom to look at the transformed guest, mom was very upset and not forgive both.

While walking back home, the last biscuit affected him for a frog. Nobita couldn't step into the house because if the mom's anger, suddenly dad reached home and going to apologize her, but he fainted when seeing her because she sneaked the rabbit biscuit.


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  • There is a color version of this chapter.