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Kobe Abe is the fifth chapter of Doraemon manga.


Nobita's mother is pulling Nobita to the room to tidy, but Nobita wants to go to Shizuka's and will tidy his room after back home. Mom is extremely angry and scold Nobita. Doraemon blows the flute that change mom's mind and allow Nobita to play. Nobita wants to go to Shizuka but Doraemon blows the flute to make him tidy the room first. Nobita borrow it from Doraemon. Why Doraemon is going to bath Nobita blows the flute to make him falling to the drain.

Nobita keeps blowing the flute to make everyone change to the opposite way. At Shizuka's there is a robber robbing her house and tied her and her mother. When Nobia blows he flute to this robber he welcoms him and serve him a cup of tea. However, he cannot stop blowing because it will lose the effect. At last the flute is full of saliva and cannot blow anymore. He escapes the robber and make it usable again. The robber is running to the police booth.

At home mom praises Nobita that he have already tidied his room and gives him lots of snack. Doraemon grabs the flute back and mom turns to moody.


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