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Antique Competition (古道具競争 Furudōgu kyōsō) is the 6th chapter of Doraemon manga.


Nobita and Shizuka are watching Suneo's antiques. Suneo says he has many useful things so he is focusing and collecting antiques and asks Nobita if he has antiques in his house, but Nobita don't have. (10-year television is not an antique) Nobita asks Doraemon to buy some antiques, but it is pretty expensive so he needs something to exchange. The first is an ore radio traded with the present transister radio. Later Nobita shows it to friend. However, Suneo says he has more interesting antiques, so Nobita trades something with antiques; the first is his clothing. However, the old clothing he wears is not that interesting and Suneo wears samurai dress. Nobita request to trade the older one, older one, and only one leaf. Later, the antique store is switching furniture in Nobi's. While Tamako is doing her wash the washing machine is converted to the basin. She feels she may have a fever so she is finsding medicine in the cubboard. All the furniture in the house has been changed to be the old one. She is contacting her darling for home. When Doraemon comes back everything has been changed so he is finding the Time Ceiver to make everything back to normal. Not only Nobita's house that has been changed, the others also. After Doraemon has found Nobita, it is raining ads they continue searching the Time Ceiver. Nobisuke is walking home whenit rains,g and something also goes wrong with him. When he arrives home, his house becomes the stone age hut. Both have found the Time Ceiver to ask everything back. Unfortunately everything has been sold so they needs one week to go back to normal. They also order the newest things for temporary.


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