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Peko Peko Grasshopper is the seventh chapter of Doraemon manga.


One of the kids, including Suneo and Gian, playing soccur breaks Nobita's glasses. Everyone in the group haggles themselves and concludes that it is Nobita's fault that he is clumsy and nobody apologizes him. Doraemon gets angry with this so he takes out the Peko Peko Grasshopper to make them blame themselves and apologize.

Doraemon tests it with Nobita and uses the pepper to return him. First, Doraremon uses it to Suneo. He asks Nobita to hit him back. Later using it with Gian. He asks Nobita to knock him with a large mallet. It is too heavy to hold, so it fells onto Doraemon and the grasshoppers are flying the whole city to get into everyone. Nobita and Doraemon are going to grocery to buy some pepper. He says he are going to close the store and sneak out at night.

Both are going home to get the pepper and have found Tadashi going to hang himself because of his pranks. Gian and Suneo are also running to go to apologize many friends. Nobita is going to get the pepper at home and have found the bandit who has killed 45 people and is going to rob on the house are committing suicide.

When Nobiita brings him to the police station the officer imprisons himself because of his bad history. Going home, Nobita uses the pepper on his mother and father who are apologizing each other about playing mahjong and necklace. After being back to normal both are fighting about their secrets and Nobita worries to return others back to normal.


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