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Chin Up to the Ancestors is the eighth chapter of the manga.


In Suneo's house he orders Nobita, Shizuka, and Gian to bow to the sword since his ancestor is the federal lord. Later Nobita asks his father what their ancestor is; he is the small animal hunter. Doraemon cannot lose to him so he along with Nobita to change history to make their ancestors to be the federal lord.

Doraemon is struck by Nobisaku's arrow. Nobisaku, Nobita's ancestor, is very happy to catch large tanuki. Suddenly a boar runs after three but Nobisalu cannot do anything (even if he is a hunter), but Sunemaru can catch. Nobita tells him that he is like Suneo and almost be killed because he tells him unscrupulously, but apologizes in time. Nobisaku amazes samurai so Nobita asks him to go battle in case he can be promoted. He hides himself in the shed and saying not to do that scary. Doraemon also tells Nobita to go instead of him, but he is also scared. A samurai is walking for battle. Doremon asks him for his armor. He says he is going for battle in order to be promoted, and performs his toughness. Nobita drops his marbles and uses it to exchange with armor.

The battle starts and Doraemon pushs Nobita in the battlefield. He notices the arrow projectiling to him so he hides them. Doraemon lends him a Take-copter, a Invisible Cape, and Super Gloves to help his job to catch one of the federal lords to the another one. When the job is done, Sunemaru is also captured, so Nobita asks for their life. Nobita ia almost got killed by them. Luckily, Super Gloves can safe him, federal lord and Sunemaru, so he brings him to another side. Nobita notices that his math homework is not finished yet, so he lets them wait and go back. He also asks his ancestor (Nobisaku) to continues his job and back home.

Asking his father again, the answer is not changed so they check with Time TV. Sunemaru tells the federal lord that he saves him, and Nobisaku uses those gadgets to catch the boar.


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