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Hunting Shades (also known as Shadow Hunting) is the ninth chapter of the Doraemon manga.


In a burning hot day, Nobisuke asked Nobita to weed the garden. Nobita replied him it was hot and needed a cooler day, around November, and he got mad. Doraemon put the Shadow Cutting Scissors to make Nobita's shadow to weed the garden in 30 minutes. After ten minutes Nobita's shadow finished his job so Nobita ordered shadow to bring him cola and fan him, even answering the phone, but the shadow wasn't able to talk, so Nobita answered instead and ordered his shadow to return his friend, Saburo's book. Unfortunately, 30 minutes is almost up and when Doraemon known that shadow was outside he was scurry because Nobita and his shadow will be switched each other in two hours.

Both of them were finding the shadow, but he was back to the house and stepping on the watermelon for Nobita and Doraemon's snack. When both reached home Nobita thought that his mom had eaten, mom got angry and had seen that Nobita's shadow had done it.

Nobita was getting darker and darker (turning to the shadow) so both went upstair and seen that shadow could speak and very difficult to catch. Next, using Kagetori Mochi (Shadow Capturing Mochi) to catch Nobita's shadow. While catching, Nobita got struck with muddy water by his shadow and Doraemon mistaken. The shadow was able to escape and mom get anger because the living room's door had been broken. Unfortunately, Nobita got more shadowy and the shadow hid himself in the dark attic.

Mom reached the Nobita's room and not allowed Nobita to run away, so Doraemon got the new idea to errand mom's shadow to catch Nobita's one.


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