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Flattering Lipstick is the tenth chapter of Doraemon manga.


Nobita is looking at his mom's dress and says she is like a puffy-eyed goldfish. She takes his snack away for a punishment. Dad is painting and let Nobita criticize his painting and he says it is no good and dad gets mad to him as weel as mom. Nobita told Doraemon when he tells the truth everyone gets mad and wonder why. Doraemon says if he insult anyone they gets angry, but Nobita doesn't know how to praise them. Doraemon takes out the lipstick and insults Nobita (he takes the wrong one) so he takes out another one and makes him flattering Nobita. Nobita also tries it and flatter his parents. Finally he gets lots of snack and allowance, and go play outside. At home, mom uses the Insulting Lipstick to insult her darling and having a fight. After talking with friends everyone is happy what Nobita says. Later, he praises a carping old man and is given some persimmons. He also praises the dog and the thief, so he removes his lipstick from his lip. At home dad is very mad because of his wife.


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