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Full Points for Once in a Lifetime is the 11th chapter of Doraemon Manga.


Sensei gave out exam paper and Nobita got a perfect score (100) and has was very interesting of the girlfriends, but it was just Nobita's dreaming. In reality, he hadn't finished his homework yet and Doraemon kept nagging him because of his slow and having an appointment at Shizuka's, so he was out of mood to finish his homework, so Doraemon gave him a Computer Pencil to finish his homework easily. After that, due to the very much and hardess of homework nobody was finished it so Nobita continued Gian and Suneo's homework. Reaching Shizuka's house, Shizuka's father did his work and Nobita helped him finish wit the Computer Pencil and Nobita was bragging about his intelligence (he was not really).

Nobita also planned to use this pencil for the next day's exam to get the perfect score, but Doraemon yelled him that it was a cheat. That night Nobita's father told him for the trip around the world in winter vacations and giving whatever he wanted, but just a perfect score, which was impossible. Doraemon was still mad at him and looked him of comtempt, but he didn't care about it and used it the next day.

In the exam Nobita decided to use the normal pencil and might have got an F (zero), and returned it to Doraemon. However, Doraemon noticed that it was a faked one and had mysteriously gotten switched.

The other day Sensei gave out the exam paper and one of the students got a perfect score. That was Gian because he used the computer pencil for that exam. At his house his dad was crying because of the cheating on the exam. He said that it was impossible to get a perfect score suddenly from horrible grades, and that he was never blamed him for horrible grades, but always told not to cheat.

Episode ending that Gian was beat up by his father about his cheat and returned the pencil to Doraemon.


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  • In the remake version of 1979 anime series, Mr. Goda has been changed to Mrs. Goda instead.
  • It unknown how Takeshi Gouda changed the Computer Pencil with fake one.