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OO Will " With XX is the 13th chapter of Doraemon Manga.


Nobita and Shizuka promise to study at Nobita's house, but Gian and Suneo snatch her away. Doraemon lends him the Appointment Memo Pad for help. At first he writes to make Dad buy some dorayaki from the snack shop. Later Dad gives Doraemon some dorayaki because of his business nearby so he was given some dorayaki from a snack shop whose the owner is his friend. Later, Nobita uses it to make Shizuka to come study at his house while tricking Doraemon and Mum to dance on the table in the living room - because both have found rats.

Nobita pays back to Gian and Suneo by making them taunt the teacher by poking their tounge and pulling their eyelid. The dust (or sand) gets into both eyes so they do as Nobita writes in his pad. They are scolded by Sensei. Later Nobita and Shizuka meet each other and go back to Nobita's house. Shizuka wants to talk to Hiromi Gou, therefore Nobita makes his dream comes true. At Nobita's the phone from Gou-san rings - due to dialing the wrong number - Shizuka talks with him for a while.

While studying Nobita plays a prank by writing Shizuka will kiss him. Shizuka's pen's ink bursts and it splatters on Nobita's face.


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