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Hot Hot in the Snow is the fourteenth chapter of the Doraemon manga.


One day in the winter Shizuka, Suneo, and Gian ask Nobita to play outside, then Nobita dresss with many layers of clothes and a hot water bottle. Shizuka says it is not that cold; Suneo says that he wears only one undershirt and Gian says that he doesn't wear even one undershirt. Three make fun of Nobita that he is a wimp. Nobita suddenly go upstair and have found that Doraemon is in the Kotatsu. (Japanese-heated table) When Doraemon hears Nobita's saying for a wimp he also feels bad and thake out the Abekobe Cream to make themselves warmer and vice versa when getting in the warm place. Then Nobita is taking off almost all of his clothes and go outside.

When Nobita and Doraemon meet everyone, the others are surprised and wonder if not too cold. Nobita says he is tough but others are weak so Gian and Suneo take off almost all of their clothes but they can't stand it.

When snowing, Nobita and Doraemon feels very hot and getting burned so Gian and Suneo splash the iced cold water, but getting worse because of the effect of the cream, so both are going back home for a hot bath. Mom says that the water is too hot and needed some cold water, but they don't listen because of their hotness, and they get frozen.


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