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A Ghost of the Lamp's Smoke is the fifteen chapter of Doraemon Manga.


In the clam New Year's Day Doraemon is napping in the living room. Nobita shouts to call Doraemon to turn on the heater in his room, just because he wants to relax and not to do anything. Doraemon lends him Aladdin's Lamp to call the giant inside. Doraemon goes to take a nap downstair, but after a bit he was taken by the giant to turn on the heater since he doesn't know how to. After turning on the heater Doraemon goes back and tells Nobita not to call him again.

Nobita uses the lamp to asks the giant in it. At first Nobita asks him to do homework. He goes outside for a while and comes back. The homework is done and all the problems are correct. Next Nobita asks him for a deck of card and some snack. Both are playing cards but two of them is not fun so Nobita asks Doraemon to play but cannot.

After that Nobita asks the giant to find one million yen for his new year's gift. The giant attacks Nobisuke Nobi for million yen. Nobita tells him to stop but the giant says that it is his obey, so he wakes Doraemon up to stop this trouble. At Nobisuke's room, he said he has no million yen, so the giant goes outside. The giant asks the others for one million yen, but Doraemon can press the cancel button in time. Doraemon returns the lamp and Nobita goes outside. He hears Gian, Suneo Honekawa, and Sensei's saying each other. Suneo says the smoke took away his cards; Gian says some snacks were stolen from it, and Sensei says that it forced him to do someone's homework, much to Nobita's horror. Then the manga chapter ends.


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